05/10/2016 Toast spread with baked mushrooms, avocado and goat cheese


A toast for lunch. This is one of my favorites when it’s getting colder outside. Crunchy bread, warm mushrooms. The only thing you need more is a fire place and a blanket.

2 slices bread
Some soft goat cheese
1/5 avocado
1 hand mixed mushrooms
A few basil leaves
Some fresh thyme
Some pepper an salt

Cut the mushrooms, put them in a pan with some salt and pepper. Bake till they brown. Meanwhile put the slices bread in the toaster, toast till they brown. Spread the two slices with goat cheese. Slice the avocado and put it on top of the goat cheese, pour the baked mushrooms over it. Top it of with some thyme and basil leaves.

Lunch is ready!

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