Graphics and Fluorescent



I’ve been shopping again ;)
This winter you see a lot of graphics and fluorescent colors in the stores, I don’t know what it is, but you look so fast in it!

The shirt I’m wearing fit’s so good to my body. It’s very soft inside, but it isn’t to warm. I love the yellow colors and it is also a great color during does dark winter days.


Every girl needs a black dress, and every runner needs a black tight. This tight is not an average black one, it has some amazing painted stripes on it.

I don’t where the cardigan while running. But is all ways nice to have a warm cardigan matching your running clothes. If your going for a run with friends and you all wanna go for a drink after words, your sure you look good and don’t have to go in your washed, old hooded sweat from high school ;)

Tight, shirt and cardigan all Nike running

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