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Pineapple pancakes
Banana chocolate coconut mousse
Cherry coconut porridge with a chocolate swirl
Chocolate pancakes
Oat nut crumble with yoghurt and raspberry sauce
Blueberry hutten kase toast
Perfect poach egg
Sweet summer fruit
Banana blueberry soup with baked oats


Salmon tortilla slice with avocado
Avocado mousse cups
Three colored paprika soup
Avocado egg toast
Spinach flavored eggs wit tomato salsa
Asparagus spinach frittata and mackerel
Paprika egg plant stuffed portobellos


Mackerel pasta salad
Quinoa summer salad with strawberries and reddish
Paprika bulgur salad with lime and mint
Chili tortilla pizza
Mushroom beetroot, lentil salad
Potato salad with smocked salmon and green asparagus


Chocolate dipped watermelon
Banana coconut popsicle
peanut butter energy rocks
Pineapple energy squares
Granola chocolate bars
Stuffed dates
chocolate dipped watermelon mint popsicle

Hummus with herbs
Tomato bites




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