Welcome to my blog.

I’m Shiela lover of running, beautiful food and all kinds of healthy stuff…

First of all food.
I like the colours of it, I like the smell of it and most of all I like what you can make of it. I wanna share al my beautiful recipes with you all, so you can taste and find out what you can do with all that beautifull food.

And then running.
10 years ago i ran for the first time, i ran for 1 km and was totally broken. And thought, what am I doing. This is crazy! But I kept going and in like six weeks I could run for 5 km. And that was the start of my running addiction.
It makes me happy, it makes me fit and it clears up my mind. I love it!
And now 10 years later. I have run a lot of 10 km competitions, and two times a half marathon.

Enjoy my blog,
Love Shiela




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